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Getting Physical

Getting fit for purpose 

You will get the most out of your Everest Base Camp Trek if you are in good physical condition. The best form of exercise in preparation for a mountain walking holiday is just that; mountain walking. It’s a good idea to start slowly, gradually building the number of miles and the heights of the hills that you tackle until you can manage consecutive days walking up and down steep hills and mountains. If you can’t get out in the hills try some other forms of exercise such as swimming, cycling and long walks; these will all help build your strength and stamina. 

 Medical preparation 

You will need to consult either your doctor or local travel clinic at least two months before you set off on your Everest Base Camp Trek. There are several recommended vaccinations and other optional ones which you will need to discuss with a healthcare expert. You can also find good local advice for Nepal and the Everest region at www.ciwec-clinic.com.

The only other medical preparation you need for your Everest Base Camp Trek is to put together a small medical kit that you can carry with you in your day pack. This should contain essentials such as antiseptic cream, sunscreen, foot powder, pain killers, chlorine tablets for sterilising water, assorted plasters, throat sweets, blister plasters, zinc oxide tape and rehydrating powders. You also need to make sure that you have ample supplies of any medication you regularly take and you should let your trek leader know what you are taking. Pic by Puroticorico

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