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Get-up and Go

By Rosanna Terberg in Guest Bloggers - 08th April 2009

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When I first signed up to climb to Everest base camp for Childreach, I didn't really think about how difficult it would be. I just really enjoyed talking (and bragging!) about it. The more and more I think about it now, the more anxious I'm getting about my fitness ability!After the worried responses from many people I know, and a climb I did recently in the Lake District, I have realised that now I really have to get fit in order to be able to actually reach the base camp!
Whilst I've been at home over the Easter break, I started jogging every day. I got on my trainers and went for a jog in the park at the bottom of my road each day for about 45 minutes to an hour. However, I've realised that I've been pretty stupid - going from never exercising to mental running every day. My knees have begun to really hurt, so I decided to cut down the jogging time to a more logical 20 minutes and swim each day on top of that. I feel like a bit of an idiot as well because I wasn't running in proper running trainers, which was a big contributor to my painful knees, so I soon invested in some real running trainers, and all my problems have gone!!

I've tried to make a fitness regime, where I do at least an hour of exercise every day. I've been told that the best exercise to do is anything aerobic that will get your heart racing, although the best training would be to walk up hills and mountains with a rucksack on but realistically, that's not going to happen!

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