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Day 9 Continued - Thyangboche

Thyangboche is absolutely tiny. It's quite desolate and there's not much here apart from a large, striking monastery. A prayer ceremony began at 3 and we were able to sit and watch. In front of the monastery is a beautifully impressive archway covered in vibrant colours and carvings of Buddhist gods.A monk was blowing through a shell out of a window to welcome the ceremony. We had to remove our shoes and have our legs covered before entering the monastery. When we entered the room we were all astounded at the beauty and intricacy of the room. We watched as the monks chanted for about 30 minutes.When I came back to the tea house, all of a sudden I felt very ill. I had an awful headache, my throat was swollen and I was freezing. I currently have on two thermal trousers, my walking trousers, 2 t-shirts, a fleece, my duvet jacket and my buff and I am still freezing and feeling incredibly fluey.Dave told me I've been hit by the altitude. I am drinking litres of water to try and flush out my system and I need the loo every 10 minutes which are full of daddylonglegs and mozzies!The tea house was pretty cold but the atmosphere in the dining room was great. We found a stereo and blasted out The Eagles and Bob Marley and spent the evening playing cards.It was freezing cold in the evening - my silk liner definitely paid off!

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