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Day 5 part 2: Enjoying a cool evening in Kathmandu

After the shopping, we went to a bar called "Buddha Bar" which served traditional food and drinks, and sheesha. You had to take your shoes off before entering the bar.
After this we were ushered upstairs into the dining room, we each got a bindi on our foreheads and water was poured over our hands before entering the room. We were sat on very low chairs on a long table. We were first given small shots of typical Nepali wine called waasa served in goblets shaped like egg cups. It was very potent and you could your insides burning as it travelled down. We were then served a meal in courses:
The food was incredible and was served on bronze crockery and goblets. We were literally at a banquet! As we were eating, the musicians came in to play traditional Nepali folk music as professional dancers came to show us some well known dances from around Nepal.After eating, we saw an impressive sight; the bar in the next room was a kama sutra bar! With very graphic, detailed wood carvings around the room and the bar! very unexpected!

the traditional nepali evening

Later in the evening, we were treated to a Traditional Nepali evening of festivities. We went to a beautiful, ancient building. Outside in the courtyard we were shown how flour was made and what the rooms used to be used for. Musicians played traditional music and some dancers got all the girls in the group in the middle to dance with them.

1) Makai - popcorn

2) Badam Sadeko - fried peanuts with chillies and garlic

3) Aaloo Dum - fried potato, Nepali style.

4) Momo - dumplings

5) Kwati - a soup mixed from nine different beans.

6) Dhal Bhat - rice, lentils, vegetables, mutton, chicken, pickled mushrooms.

7) Dahi - sweet yoghurt with a cherry on the top.

8) Masalla tea - very sweet, milky tea.

banquet in Kathmandu

Lucy in front of the karma sutra bar

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