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Day 17 & 18: Stuck in Lukla - with a Starbucks.

Day 17

We were woken up at 5am this morning to have breakfast, pack our stuff up and wait for the plane. However during breakfast in came the cloud, and out went any prospect of leaving Lukla that day. We met some Americans later on in the day who told us they had been waiting for four days already and our hearts sank!We spent most of the day moaning to each other and sitting in Starbucks - what a lifesaver!Late afternoon, Hannah came running up to Dave with a panicked look on her face. She was screaming 'Dave I'm bleeding' and she was!! Dave got out his first-aid kit and started to disinfect the wound but it kept bleeding and after ten minutes it had even bled through and saturated the plaster we'd put on. After speaking to the guides we found out later that she'd be bitten by a leach! 

Day 18

Once again we woke up at 5am today, hoping to leave. Looking out was so exciting as the sky was clear. We heard a siren from the airport and found out this meant a plane had left from Kathmandu.Everyone ate, packed and rushed to the airport as quickly as possible, so excited to get out of Lukla! We were at the airport for two hours watching planes come and go, taking other passengers back to Kathmandu. Eventually when it was our turn we went downstairs, checked in our bags and sat in the departure lounge to wait for the plane. After some time, the clouds started coming in again and we knew that we'd be stuck in Lukla for another day!

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