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Day 15: Breathing again !

We awoke to blue skies and no clouds. We set off early down the valley but the clouds soon came in again. The morning's walk was fairly uneventful as we couldn't really see anything and before we knew it we were back in Tengboche! We had planned to stop for lunch here and it was a great disappointment when we arrived to find the whole village shut due to a festival that had been going on in Namche Bazaar. It was like a ghost town! The only thing we could do was trudge on to Lowisyasa and hope that someone would be there to feed us!It was strange seeing everything that we had passed on the way up from a different angle and I had completely forgotten how challenging the walk had been. Although we were descending the mountain there were still lot of uphill walking (or 'Nepali flat' as it was nicknamed) and after lunch things became difficult again.As a result of Day 8's walking, both the nails of my little toes had split open and my feet were in agony. Even though I'd put on moleskins it was still difficult to walk. So struggling along behind everyone else I eventually made it to Namche. A word to the wise: always use the facilities at lunch-stops and night rests because along the paths during the day there is little shelter to hide behind when nature calls!Previously it was obvious there was a lack of oxygen in the air at Namche, however now it felt like the air was rich! Breathing was easy again!

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