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40 Days at Base Camp: A New Film About Everest

By Kirsty Parsons in Everest Base Camp, The Himalaya - 07th January 2012

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It’s always interesting to see the stories about the Everest region, and we’re definitely intrigued by a new documentary film, ‘40 Days at Base Camp’, which takes a look at the transient community at Everest Base Camp and those that inhabit it. Filmmaker Dianne Whelan takes a look at the diverse array of people that climb the mountain, the struggles they face, and the reality of living under Everest’s shadow.

Whelan’s film incorporates the stories of several of Everest Base Camp’s temporary citizens, including Sherpa guides, and mountain climbers from all over the world. They tell their stories and talk about what climbing Everest means to them. One, a disabled man making the ascent with a prosthetic foot, talks about how he was discouraged from attempting the climb; another, a Sherpa, talks about the risks they face going onwards. Alongside these tales of determination and danger, the life of the camp is explored – what it’s like to live day-to-day, and to forge a society, in such an isolated place. For those that have been to Everest Base Camp, this is sure to bring back memories; for those yet to go it will give you an idea of what to expect.

The film takes a serious view of the environmental impact human activity is having on the area, which may make for sobering viewing; but as heightened environmental awareness is of vital importance for the future of Everest exploration, hopefully this will go a good way towards raising that awareness on a global level. We think it sounds fascinating!

Watch the trailer here.

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